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help with writing and college admissions essays

Help with Writing and Admissions Essays

The reality is that in a competitive environment, your writing can distinguish you from the pack. Don’t hesitate to ask for help to ensure your essays are stellar.

Often students are overwhelmed with the pressures of intensive research papers or abstract creative writing assignments. Steven helps high school and college students with all aspects of their writing. This process begins with evaluating complex texts, decoding primary sources, finding the right research, and organizing a wealth of information. By guiding students through each of these phases, Steven ensures writers are set up for success.


From brainstorming to outlining, from drafting to editing, from revising to rewriting, Steven counsels students every step of the way while instilling the core principles of structure, syntax, tone, and analysis. 


When it comes to college essays and supplements, Steven coaches students to write engaging, memorable pieces that highlight their individuality and strengths. As a trained college counselor, Steven knows the types of essays admission officers want to see. Harnessing this expertise, he helps applicants develop their ideas, convey their stories, and develop their writing.

Find sophisticated evidence and create an excellent outline

Receive feedback from an expert who is easily accessible

Boost your academic performance and hone your writing skills

Perfect your college application essays & supplements

Happy Parents, 
Successful Students

"My experience with Steven Scharf could not have been any better. He gave such thorough, insightful advice and always presented me with great ideas on how to improve my writing. He is extremely creative and taught me so much about how to write a great essay. I genuinely looked forward to each session with him."

"Steven was a phenomenal essay coach. His ability to edit and develop essays while maintaining the voice and perspective of the student is second to none…. Steven is very dedicated to the success of his students and I couldn't ask for a better essay co-pilot in my college application process." 

"I cannot recommend Steven Scharf highly enough!! He was an incredible essay tutor for my daughter….  I truly feel that choosing Steven was instrumental in getting my daughter into her dream school and best off, my daughter always had fun working with him…. If you have the chance and he has the time, do not hesitate to engage Steven Scharf to help your child - you will be over the moon pleased!"

help with writing and college application admissions essays

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