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learning differences

Students With Learning Differences

You want someone who understands neurodivergent students and who empowers learners no matter where they fall along the academic spectrum.

Students learn differently, process information differently, and engage in their work differently. Each child is unique. Through his degree in special education, years of teaching, and training as a school counselor, Steven respects each individual’s neurodiversity and is adept at helping those with learning differences.


By working collaboratively with students and parents, Steven helps students who may struggle with their work. Patient but persistent, Steven encourages those with Individual Education Plans and 504 Accommodation Plans to harness their strengths and reach their goal of college admission. In this capacity, Steven not only serves as a tutor, but also a mentor who motivates students to achieve success.

working with students with learning differences

How It Works

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Receive feedback from a trained special educator and counselor


Work collaboratively to meet your student's unique needs

Happy Parents, 
Successful Students

"What a find! Steven has been excellent in each area. He is able to explain content in a way that is understandable, and he actually makes the sessions fun…. He is kind, funny and supportive while getting the work done quickly.  My daughter has worked with many tutors over the years and has not felt as comfortable or accomplished as much with anyone." 

"Steven has a way to bring out the best in his students…. His friendly and kind demeanor were definitely appreciated. He made the process fun and easy going rather than anxiety provoking."

"I had a great personalized tutoring experience for my college application. As a non-native speaker, this entire application process was extremely foreign to me and Mr. Scharf guided me with responsibility and care.... I should definitely give credit to Mr. Scharf for my successful outcomes. Thank you so much for helping me throughout this tough time!"

 "I truly feel that choosing Steven was instrumental in getting my daughter into her dream school."

Masters Degree in Secondary Education & Special Education

Nearly 20 Years of Teaching in the Scarsdale Public Schools

Masters Degree in School Counseling & College Advising

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