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Your college essay counts. 

In a competitive environment, your essay can distinguish you from the pack. It is your opportunity to showcase your unique personality. However, many students struggle with the structure, tone, and creativity essential to a successful essay. Don’t hesitate to ask for help to ensure your writing is stellar. Contact me today for my extensive references and find out what I can do for you.

Scarsdale Parent

Steven has a way to bring out the best in his students. They came up with a great essay topic together and then the writing began. Steven guided my daughter in a way where she wrote a beautiful and insightful essay that truly reflected who she is. She had a great time too. His friendly and kind demeanor were definitely appreciated. He made the process fun and easy going rather than anxiety provoking. Her essay helped my daughter get into her top college. 

Scarsdale Parent

I cannot recommend Steven Scharf high enough!!  He was an incredible essay tutor for my daughter for so many reasons. First off, he is brilliant - so smart and so in touch with what my daughter was truly trying to communicate in her essays.  He had a way of questioning her to really get to the core of what she was trying to say and how best to convey her feelings clear and concise and with humor.  I truly feel that choosing Steven was instrumental in getting my daughter into her dream school and best off, my daughter always had fun working with him and did not look at writing her essays as a horrible chore.  If you have the chance and he has the time, do not hesitate to engage Steven Scharf to help your child - you will be over the moon pleased!

Rye Neck Student

Steven was a phenomenal essay coach. His ability to edit and develop essays while maintaining the voice and perspective of the student is second to none. He works in conjunction with students, using their unique experiences to craft individualized answers to questions that can often feel "one size fits all."  Additionally, Steven is extremely knowledgeable about the application process and can provide great insight into what an admissions committee is looking for in a response. Steven is very dedicated to the success of his students and I couldn't ask for a better essay co-pilot in my college application process. 

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